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May 08-09, 2021

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Hainan University

Hainan University was founded in 1958 and it is the best university in Hainan province. As one of the national "211 Project" comprehensive universities, Hainan University is striving to become one of the best universities in China as well as in the world.   The university runs three campuses, namely Haidian, Chengxi, and Danzhou. Its main campus is located on Haidian Island of Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province. The Haidian Campus is nestled along the coast of the South China Sea. The fragrant tropical flora help create a beautiful tropical environment and it is an ideal place for learning, teaching and research.


Danzhou Campus, located in Danzhou City, west of Hainan Province is well-known as "The hometown of poetry" in China. Chengxi Campus is located in the west of Haikou. The total area of the three campuses covers 741 acres. The University library contains more than 3,035,000 books on different subjects, among which 1,970,000 are paper back, while the other 1,065,000 are electronic.


The university has a high-level faculty of 1,450, including over 820 professors and associate professors, and offers 8 categories of disciplines in philosophy, economics, law, literature, natural sciences, agriculture, engineering, and management. The above categories then fall into 4 major academic schools: School of Tropical Agriculture and Life Science Engineering, School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, School of Humanities, School of Social Sciences. The university has 20 colleges and provides 70 undergraduate programs, 130 postgraduate programs and 34 Ph. D programs.


Hainan University is actively carrying out its open teaching and research strategy and striving to develop an all-round, multilevel, and transregional new vista for academic exchange and cooperation with the world at large.

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